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Arkipelag Stockholm was an idea we were supposed to built into something real. The thought was to collect all the information that’s interesting about the Swedish archipelago and bring it to the people. Otherwise you can only read about this in books created for members of the Sk√§rg√•rdsstiftelsen. Arkipelag Stockholm was a concept of a modern, clean and inspiring informationchannel for this specific kind of info. The idea was that it later could be a CMS for other genres as well. The website was made in a fullPage design to give it a feel of a application. Articels have the style of exklusiv magazines to invite users to keep reading. Ofcourse users could create an account to tailor the website after their needs and interest. As a final feature there would also be a interactive map wich user could find nearby hotels, restaurants och intresting stories to read when out on the sea.

Techniques: Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, Mockups, Concept, HTML5 and CSS3