Alzheimer Loppet

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Alzheimer is an terrible and, for the moment, quiet unexplored decease. It’s a decease that effect’s everybody surrounded by the person with the illness. One of these persons are a friend of mine. Felicia and her sister Julias mother got Alzheimer when she was only 50 years old. They have since struggled with the decease in such an extent that they this year decided to do something about it. They wanted to start a collection to benefit the research in the area. To do this they are planning the first Alzheimer Race. The race takes place in Djurg√•rden, Stockholm on the 19th of September following the very first Alzheimer gala in Sweden. For this project I’ve created a new graphical profile as well as a symbol and logotype. I also im the advisor regarding communication in social media. Following the race I’m also producing a film/ documentary about the project.